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Ballistic data is frequently reported in terms of bullet weight and muzzle velocity.  While this gives a very good indication of the kind of relative performance of which the cartridge/firearm combination is capable, it fails to give an indication of the projectile's terminal effect on the target.  As cruffling is the art and empirical science of tracing the development and ever increasing efficiency and effectiveness of small arms through the ages, it is often critical to understand target effect.   Put another way, there are three legs to understanding a firearm's capabilities, and thus its proper place in the developmental  schema:  The firearm itself, the cartridge, and target effect.

Consequently, With an aim toward fostering a more complete understanding of each firearm's historical niche, we've provided the following muzzle energy calculator for your use.   All you need to do is enter the bullet weight in grams or grains and the velocity in feet or meters per second, and the calculator will do the rest.

Bullet Muzzle Energy Calculator/Graph builder Tool
  Muzzle energy is calculated by the formula E=MV2/450400 for the imperial system and E=MV2/2000 for the metric system.
M is bullet mass in grains or grams (depending on the UOM, 0 < M < 2000.00 grains or 130 grama)
V is the bullet velocity in ft/sec ( 0 < V < 5000.00 fp/sec or 1500 m/sec)
The constant 450400 comes from 7000 ( grains in a pound ) multiplied by (g=32.17) by 2.
2000 comes from 1000 ( grams in kg ) multiplied by 2
  Only first two decimal digits are used.

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    ME - Muzzle Energy;     MV - Muzzle Velocity;     BM - Bullet Mass;

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