Rules for Cruffler Match 5

- Match ID :  Number 5
- Match 5 rules v.1 (11/01/99)
- Match organizer : Eric Matthys
- Structure :  one team match (Enfield vs Mosin Nagant) and one open match (anything goes).
- Team Captains :  tba
- type :  C&R rifle, any era, any country but from one of the 2 specified types for the team match.  There will also be an open match for all other CR rifles.
- duration :  Until November 30, 1999 (with possible extension)
- position :  benchrested only
- target :  any type and size
- distance :  any
- objective :  smallest relative group size (see measurement rules below)
- ammo :  any type but milsurp preferred for the team match
- sights :  any type (but original)
- number of entries :  unlimited with different rifles or ammo, but only one entry for a given rifle/ammo combination.  You can enter only on one side (your choice) for the team match.   One can also enter in the open category match if you want to shoot also a rifle from the other side or if your rifle does not fit in with the 2 types.
- Team scoring : average of each side group.  Lowest score wins.
- Honor code (Important !  I mean it !) :  the shooter must first decide and commit to shoot with a given rifle and ammo and then *must* report the results, even if lousy and if it will increase your side’s average group !  I.e. you decide to participate and then stick with it…  You may, however, choose the best string of 3x5 you shot for your entry.  Remember, as described below, this must be a pre-identified discrete string of 3x5, not just the best 3 consecutive groups in a long string (see rules below)
- general rules :  see below (v.1b)
- send results to Eric Matthys *and* team captains for the team match entries and to EM for the open match.  Please include all details on ammo, sights, model etc.

Clarifications :

by Enfield it is meant rifles that belong to the general category of “Enfields” as widely understood by the C&R community.  The actual manufacturer does not have to be Enfield literally (e.g. a BSA 1/3 is OK).  The country of origin or issue does not have to be Britain (e.g. an Indian 2A1 is OK).  The same goes for the MNs (any arsenal, any country).  When in doubt about suitability of weapon or side, contact your team captain or the match organizer.

All other types of rifles are welcome to enter in the open rifle competition.

Have fun !  Good shooting !


C&R List General Match Rules v.1b   (6/18/99 by EFM):

- these general rules are superseded by a given match specific rules (see above).
- only original C&R as issued, no sporterizing, cutting down, rechambering etc.
- No scope, cheek pads, peep sights, etc unless there was one on issued units of the same model C&R when generally issued.
- All accurizing work on mechanical parts and stocks to be disclosed when reporting results.
- 4 positions : a) standing  b) sitting  c) prone  d) bench (sand bags OK, no clamping allowed); as announced for a given match (see above).
- Use of standard military or hunting sling is allowed.  No shooting jacket, match sling, or other match accoutrements allowed.
- 3 classes of sights : open, peep, scope, as announced for a given match (see above).
- 2 classes of ammo : a) milsurp  b) anything goes.  As announced for a given match.
- The target size and type will be announced for each given match.
- Target distance will be announced for each match.
- Use 3 separate identical targets, one for each group of 5.
- Keep the dated and signed targets for the record.
- Shoot 3 groups in a row, with 5 rounds in a row in each group.
- You may practice as much as you wish, and you may report the best string of 15 generated during the match period.
- all 15 shots must be fired with the same C&R and same ammo.
- You can adjust sights or position, change targets etc, between groups, but no extra firing or cleaning in between groups or shots is allowed.
- The 15 shots must be consecutive and shot within 1 hour.
- The 3 group string must be shot as a separate and complete entity.  One may not pick up a posteriori the best 3 consecutive groups string in a much longer string of 5 groupers.
- All shots count, no dismissal of flyers nor alibi allowed.
- Measure the center to center extreme spread (in any direction as needed, NOT average of horiz and vert) of each group of 5, separately, and then average the results for the 3 groups.
- Report the average result in MOAs or equivalent inches at 100 yds.
- please provide all info on distance/target/ammo/type of rifle/mechanical work done/sights/position etc when submitting result.
- please provide full technical info on handloaded ammo.
- Exchange of technical info between participants is encouraged.
- send results by e-mail to EFM and team captains with all info before end of official match period.  Copy to list is encouraged.
- Results for the match will be posted.