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What does CRUFFLER.COM do?
CRUFFLER.COM is a full featured monthly electronic magazine, with feature articles, departments, contests, and other such sundries dedicated to all shooters, but with an inclination towards the collector and firearms historian communities.  Our goal is education and information, as well as helping people to acquire Type 03 FFL's.  While there may be the occasional political article in the Legal and Legislative Issues feature, this is not why we're here.  We are most assuredly NOT here to bash the BATF and the government.  Our experiences with the BATF have, by and large, been positive.  They are hard working folks who want to help you for the most part.  Please keep that in mind. We are also happy to respond to any requests for information sent to us, with the understanding that sometimes it takes us a while to get back to you, depending on where in the production cycle we are at the time.  We are also a fully licensed Type 01 FFL dealer, and provide all the services listed on the "What do you do at CRUFFLER.COM?" page.  If we're really lucky we get to go to the range and shoot our own guns, not just the ones scheduled for review.

One of the major dilemmas for the firearms enthusiast is gathering technical and historical data on the guns he or she owns.  In many cases, the reference materials are either impossible to find or prohibitively expensive. Our long term plan at CRUFFLER.COM is to not only provide a respository of information for the enthusiast and collector, but to also provide a technical and historical research service,as well as to make life easier for the cruffling community by serving as an internet waypoint from which you can get to any resource you need.

Who is CRUFFLER.COM? is composed of three cats (Queen Spooky Marie, Beau, the United Way Kitty (he doesn't know you, but he loves you), Sheridan the Kitten, a dog (Shiloh the Wonder Greyhound), and a turtle (Speedy).  Oh yeah, and us, their opposable thumbed minions.  But they're the real brains behind the operation.  Just ask them.

Our Editor-in-Chief is Adam Firestone, a recovering attorney as well as an avid collector and amateur historian.  Supporting Adam are a staff of writers and editorial assistants whose names and contact data appear in the pages of the magazine.  If you would like to join the CRUFFLER.COM staff, please let Adam know!  Your contributions will be much appreciated!

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