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Governmental and Regulatory Sites:

Firearms Curios or Relics List
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms-Firearms Site
Title 27, Code of Federeral Regulations - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
State and Federal Legislative and Code Information


American Self Defense Institute
American Firearms Industry
American Pistolsmiths Guild
Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment (AWARE)
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)
Gun Owners of America
Jane's Information Group
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Oregon State Shooting Association


The Treaty of Versailles
Finland and the Winter War

Current Events:

Jane's IntelWeb

C&R Firearms Distributors and Dealers:

Adams Guns - Collector Guns Since 1960
AIRGUN HQ - Your Headquarters for Airguns and BB Guns
Allan's Armory
BDL Limited - Specializing in British and Commonwealth Military Collectibles
Century International Arms
Cherry's Fine Firearms
Classic Arms
CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
Collectible Firearms
Empire Arms
Entreprise Arms
Fontenla & Fontenla - A Collector's Resource in Argentina (Spanish)
Gibbs Rifle Company
Gil Herbard Guns-Shooting Supplies
Great Southern Arms
Guns America
Guns-U-Need-firearms classifieds
Hoosier Gun Works
Israel Arms
J&G Sales-Firearms & Shooting Accessories
JLD Enterprises, The Finest in South American Military Surplus
John C. Denner Company (Canada)
Kelley's Military Antiques
Krebs Custom - Custom Kalashnikov Rifles and Accessories
MacTec Enterprises - Online Dealer Of Classic Military Arms
Antique and Collectable Firearms
Navy Arms Company
Old Town Station Antique and Collectible guns
P&S Guns & Militaria
Samco Global Arms
Scott Duff
Simpson LTD
Surplus Firearms-COD's and Checks only
Survival Enterprises-Guns for Sale
Tennessee Guns
Frankonia Jagd-Uebersicht Kleinanziegen
U.P. Gun Virtual Gun Show
Wholesale Guns & Ammo, Inc.

Distributors and Dealers Specializing in Firearms Accessories:

Ballistic Products
Bar-Sto Precision Machine
Berger Bullets
Boyds' Gunstock Industries
Buffalo Brothers - manufacturer of wild west badges, conchos, buttons and watch fobs as well as Single Action Army Grips
Cheaper than dirt! 1-888-625-3848
Clymer Tools-Gunsmith
Cole Distributing Inc. (Israeli Military Industries)
Dillon Precision Products
Discount Distributors, Inc. Wholesale Ammunition
Fulton Armory
Fiocchi USA
GOEX Black Powder
Golden Arms Company - Your Source for Military Collectibles
Great American Gunstock Company
Gun Parts Corporation - You're zeroed-in to savings on gun parts and accessories!
Hi Tech Ammunition
Hunter's Hideout - Hunting Gear and More
Huntington Reloading Products
Ironoak Leather Products - Custom Leather Holsters and Accessories
Lapua, Oy.
Leupold Scopes and Optics
Liberon /Star Wood Finish Supply
Lyman Products / Lyman Bullet Moulds
Natchez Shooters Supplies
NEI-Handtools-Reloading Molds
Northwest Security Products - Holsters, Pouches, and Cases for Extreme Conditions!
Nosler Bullets
Old Western Scrounger
Red Star Arms - US made accessories for your military rifles
Sierra Bullets
Wideners-Reloading and Shooting Supply, Inc.
Wolff Gunsprings

Publishers, Bookstores and the Like:

Heritage Gun Books
HL Editions - The Finest Electronic Gun Books
Hyrax Publishers, LLC - Great Gun Books for a New Century
Hyrax Publishers, LLC - Great Gun Books for a New Century - Alternate Site
BB Sportsman Supply
Collector Grade Publications - The Finest Gun Books in the World
IDSA Books
Precision Shooting Magazine
Service Publications:  Books for the historian and collector of Militaria and Firearms.
Jan Still's Military Pistol Book Store

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Gunsmithing Services

Arizona Response Systems
Casey Elliot's FAL Parts, Accessories, and Kit Building Tools Page

Auction Houses:

Arms and Armour

Websites Devoted to Particular Firearms:

Arrieta Shotguns
Beretta Homepage
Big L.E.E.'s Military Rifle Page
Browning Homepage
FN weapon collectors pages-Browning Highpowers
Carbines-Converted Mausers-The FR-8 Page
Carl Gustafs
Carcano Homepage-Italian Military Rifles and Carbines
The CETME Homepage
Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod (CZ in the Czech Republic)
CMP M1 Garand site
Coonan Arms Homepage
Enfield Rifle Research Page
Enfield Collector's Forum
European American Armory (EAA)
FN-49 Semi-Auto Rifle
Gun's World (Various Firearms)
The Gunnery Network - A Wealth of Knowledge on all Firearms Related Topics
IAR, Inc. (Replica Firearms)
Izhevsk Firearms
Kirby the OG's C&R Firearm Site (Egyptian, Czech, and Eastern European Firearms)
A Johnson Rifle Site
Lugers - Die Selbstlade Pistole Parabellum
Lugers - H&L Editions Site (France)
Lugers - The P.08 Pistol Unofficial Homepage
Magnum Research
Makarov Pistols
Marlin Firearms
Martini Gallery
The British Military Martini Rifle
Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" Site
M1892 Series "U.S. Krag" Rifle Web Page
Modern Firearms and Ammunition, a site from Russia, with love!
Antique Firearm Network U.S. Krag-Jorgenson Rifle Info.
U.S. 30-40 Krag Info
WWW.RECGUNS.COM - Great Firearms FAQ and Information
Krag Collectors Forum
M1903 Springfield Rifles
The Sight:  M1911A1 - History and Use of the M1911 Pattern Pistols
World of Lugers
French MAS36
MAS 49/56 Service Manual-translated into English
French MAS 49, MAS49-56 Rifle Homepage Makarov Page-grips for CZ-52
P.38 Pistols - Made by Mauser!
Pocket Pistol Collector's Page
PPSh-41 Submachinegun - Bill's PPSh-41 Pages
Ross Rifle Web Page
Rumanian AK-47 Site
Savage Pocket Pistols
The Gunnery Network's SIG-Sauer Pistol Web
Sociedad Largo Website
Springfield Armory, Inc.
House of Karlina (Dutchman's Swedish Mauser Page)
Swedish Mauser's Info
Swedish Mauser -Chalmers
Tanfoglio Firearms
Taurus Firearms
The Unofficial Walther Homepage
DanZ site-Mosin-Nagant
Mosin Man's Mosin Nagant HQ
The Russian Mosin-Nagant Page-Bob W
Sighting in a Mosin-Nagant
20 Century U.S. Service Rifles
The K. Mays Curio and Relic Site

URL Lists:

American Firearm Page
Gunhoo:  Gun Pages Central
The Gun Page - A Free Gun Database Site in German and English

Technical Information:

Commercial 308 vs. 7.62x51 NATO vs. 7.62x51 CETME
Nice introduction to ammo for the novice
Rec.guns FAQ
9m/m Largo info (The One True Nine!)
7x57mm Mauser Info
Ted's Luger Strawing Service
The Gunnery Network - A Wealth of Knowledge on all Firearms Related Topics
The Rifle Sling Website

Collecting Firearms; Viewpoints, Tips and Resources:
AREGUNS.COM The ultimate one stop source for people who enjoy the sport of shooting.
Njanear's Guide to C&R Collecting
Charlie's Little Corner of the Internet: IPSC, Curio & Relics and Reloading
Richard's Curio and Relic Firearms Page
The Gunnery Network - A Wealth of Knowledge on all Firearms Related Topics
The Gunnery Network's Right to Keep and Bear Arms Page
The Gunnery Network's For Sale Page
Gun and Knife Dot Com - Firearm Collector Forums
Milsurpshooter.Net - Home of Parallax's C&R Homepage
Mr. Crufflestopheles Firearms Page


C&R Collector's Forum
Mosin-Nagants of the World
The Swiss Rifle Forum

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