presents was founded to provide answers the firearms enthusiast's Four Fundamental Questions, namely:

1)  What is this?

2)  How does this work?

3)  What is this worth?

4)  Where can I get one of those?

We'll go into a little more detail on each of these questions below:

Often, the collector or enthusiast will find themselves the owner of an interesting but puzzling firearm.  Some questions that come to quickly to mind are:  What is this gun?  How old is it?  Where was it made?  Who was it used by?  What other variants are there?  What is the proper ammunition for it?  We at serve the shooting and collecting public by providing custom detailed, illustrated, and bound reports on individual firearms that answer these questions and many more.

Even collectors who are well versed in the history of their firearms may be daunted by issues of mechanical operation!  Uses and methods that were commonplace in the beginning and middle of the 20th century may have long since been forgotten here at the dawn of the 21st!   We at serve the shooting and collecting public by providing custom detailed and illustrated guides to the operation, use, disassembly and reassembly of YOUR firearm.  Videos are available upon request.

WHAT IS THIS WORTH??? offers an appraisal service that collectors and enthusiasts may use to valuate their firearms for sale, insurance, testamentary, and other purposes.  Each appraisal will be sent on letterhead to the customer.

How often have you seen a photograph of an interesting firearm, or seen one that an acquaintance or friend had, and wished you knew where to find one just like it?  In the case of many firearms, especially those classified as Curios or Relics, this can be difficult!  The guns in question are no longer manufactured or stocked, and are impossible to find in your local gun store. has offers a buying service, wherein we will locate the specific firearm you are seeking, evaluate it with respect to condition and authenticity, and ship it to the 01 FFL of your choice (if the firearm is classified as a Curio or Relic, and you have an 03 FFL on file with us, we will ship it directly to you). Additionally, offers a parts service to assist you in locating those hard to find parts for your old and rare guns!

In addition to the services enumerated above, is pleased to offer a parts and repair service.  We can locate and purchase the parts you need to restore your historical firearms, or to return them to shooting condition.  Email us with the make and model of gun, as well as the part or parts you need, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote on the parts, as well as an estimate of delivery time.  Additionally, has a network of high quality gunsmiths who are quite adept at restoring and repairing historic firearms.  Let us take the worry out of finding a gunsmith who won't butcher that wonderful old gun!

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