US Editorial Office


Editorial Board
Editor in Chief:  Adam C. Firestone Managing Editor:  Dennis Cavallero
Technology Editor:  Paul Shevchenko Graphic Design Editor: Alicia Stepanicyz

Staff Writers
Asia-Pacific:  Noel Tominack UK & Commonwealth: Kitho Chang
Legal Affairs:  Shari J. Fagen, Esq. Protective Technology: F.M. Mace
Legal Affairs:  Sharon J. Weiner, Esq. Russia and Former Soviet Union: Edward Nichols
Southeastern Europe:  K. Milich Webb Eastern Europe:  Stanislas Radwanski
Central Europe:  Arthur S. Lowry  Western Europe:  Stuart Goldstein
Central/South America: Jorge Martinez-Herrero Mid-East and Africa:  David Lupan

Test and Evaluation Staff
John Hsu Kermit Youngblood
Mark Whitcomb C.L. Johnson
Irdaz Subramanian Leonidas Kooistra
Richard Braddock John Grady
Lisa Marrero Carl Runyon
Anthony Fago Brad Hufnagel

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